MSS automatically acquires, processes and analyzes data from your plant.

MSS gives you the information you need for continuous process improvement by automatically detecting production delays, determining the causes of periods of downtime and tracking KPIs.

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Streamline Your Plant Operations

Unlock the efficiency of your plant with Modular Software Solutions (MSS). Gain real-time insight and make informed decisions for continuous process improvement.

Our Modular Software Solutions (MSS) allows you to automatically extract all the relevant data from your plant and synchronize them with your ERP and all the systems in your plant floor. MSS tracks production, quality and machine availability, providing processed data along with automated workflows.

Connecting to both the plant´s control and information systems, MSS automatically detects productions delays and allows you to determine the causes of downtime. It tracks your KPIs to help you take meaningful steps toward continuous process improvement.

You may choose to store data onsite in the plant. Alternatively, you can opt to utilize our secure cloud storage and be able to access production reports anywhere and at any time.

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  • Communicates with Level 1 and ERP systems.
  • Web-based data entry and reports for a smooth deployment.
  • Reduce costs and downtime.
  • Monitor production with real data in real time.
  • Monitor failures and downtime.
  • Synchronization of automatic data.
  • Tracking energy source module.
  • Delays module.
  • Maintenance and use of equipment.

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