That is why they need a MES solution specifically designed for them

Extract all the data from the plant floor automation and put it to good use, allow the operators entering information that is currently written in log books and spreadsheets, and synchronize your ERP production data

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Melt Shops are Different

Tracks production, quality and availability on an integrated web-based system connected with the plant floor automation and the company ERP.

A MES (Manufacturing Execution System) sits between the plant floor automation and the company ERP. It has to be tightly integrated into the existing systems and has to manage all the entities and rules of the specific industry where it is being implemented; that is why AustralTek specifically designed a Melt Shop MES that covers the main areas: Scrap, EAF, BOF, secondary metallurgy lines, caster processes and laboratory.

The MES connects to existing plant automation systems through OPC or native drivers. It tracks the arrival and departure of heats and manages the entire ladle cycle. In addition, the MES detects production delays and allows the operator to specify the reason for delay for later statistical analysis based on a hierarchical structure of delay codes.  Finally, all this functionality enables the MES to generate a complete heat data report.

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  • Communicates with Level 1 and ERP systems
  • Web-based data entry and reports for a smooth deployment
  • Available modules for EAF, LMF, VTD , Stir, Caster, Lab, Delays
  • Equipment usage tracking
  • Synchronization of automatic data
  • KPI-oriented reporting
  • Audit traces of all manual inputs
  • Real time refresh of data entry pages
  • Our PLT and Industrian Historian modules can be integrated


  • Intuitive* database design implemented on Microsoft SQL Server
  • Data Access layer implemented in C# using JSON as transport
  • User interface implemented as html pages with javascript widgets
  • Native export to excel on all reports
  • OPC / Webservices / Direct DB communication
  • Domain or SQL based Authentication
*Intuitive refers to the way the database is structured with metal process language so that the process experts can communicate effectively with IT

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