Billet Yard Automation system manages the complexity of your billet or slab yard using a physical model of the yard and a set of optimization rules for stacking based on key product properties such as heat number, grade, dimensions and sales order.

The cranes are equipped with touch panel PCs used to receive instructions and report movements.  In order to simplify the display  the system groups billets with the same key properties giving the operator a more abstract view of the yard.



It is based on Microsoft SQL Server.  and an HTML5 web application that runs on touch panels, installed on the cranes.

The backend is programmed in .NET C# and can be easily integrated to existing MES or ERP systems.

The client-server structure allows more than one clients (cranes or field operators) to visualize and operate the system at the same time.


Supervise the input, output and internal movement of billets in the billet yard

Based on mobile technology, this application allows billet crane operators to update the billet movements through a clean and easy-to-use interface designed specifically for touch screens. A web-based administration and reports site is also provided.


  • Flexible zone/areas definitions and rules
  • Park multiple billets in one transaction
  • Inventory function: quick survey a complete area
  • Powerful search based on heat, grade and other keys
  • Communicates with ERP
  • Works on all major browsers


  • HTML5 / AJAX browser application
  • MS SQL Server database
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service
  • Active Directory or Custom Authentication
  • Standard 802.11 (Wi-Fi) network

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