Operators roam the plant making all kinds of decisions. Empower them with all the data they need in real time and let them make the decisions right on the spot where the action is happening.

  • Find scheduled material for a determined line
  • Find products of a determined shipping order
  • Check the shipping products on the truck
  • Perform inventory checks
  • Instantly access any product's quality report



This system is based on Microsoft SQL Server with webservices developed in a .NET architecture.


This solution can be integrated into:

  • ERP system such as SAP, JDE, Axiom or in-house AS400 or Oracle systems
  • Plant Floor, MES, Level 2 systems
  • Weighing systems and gate scales
  • Truck logistics systems


The mobile application is based on Windows Mobile platform using the .NET compact framework. We also provide HTML5 webpages for reports and maintenance.

There are several ways of entering information: Barcode, RFID tags and predictive text capabilities in most cases.


Total WiFi coverage might be difficult in large plants. We developed the mobile application with store and forward capabilities so that the operators can continue their work while they are off the WiFi network. The system will then synchronize itself once it is reconnected.


Keep track of warehouse inventories using up-to-date mobile technology

Mobile Product Tracking manages warehouse inventories of semi-finished and finished goods. It is based on mobile scanners connected through wi-fi to a centralized server. It provides session-based authentication, the parking of multiple products at once, inventory requests management, line-entry schedules and pre-loading and shipping procedures.


  • Store and forward transactions in the mobile app for offline work
  • Flexible zone/areas definitions and rules
  • Park multiple items in one transaction
  • Inventory function: quick survey a complete area
  • Schedule function: inform crane operators of future movements
  • Shipping function: check all products before confirming shipment
  • Web-based control dashboard to supervise active scanners
  • Communicates with ERP
  • Works with all major browsers


  • Windows Mobile scanner application
  • HTML5 / AJAX browser application
  • MS SQL Server database
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service
  • Active Directory or Custom Authentication
  • Standard 802.11 (Wi-Fi) network

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