The Challenge

Many coil finishing lines have dedicated inspectors looking continuously at the coil surface to detect defects and perform manual measurements. The inspectors typically have to match their visual findings with other available information from other systems, such as gauge curves from previous lines, temperatures from annealing furnaces, defects or warnings detected in previous lines, etc.

They need an HMI interface with an unified view of all these systems and the ability to enter defects and measurements in a very fast way 

The Solution

The Coil Inspection HMI main screen shows a map of the whole coil with its main features along with curves of gauges and other measurement devices that are synchronized by coil length.

The HMI was designed as a touch-screen application written in .NET C# and allows zooming and panning the coil surface, adding/editing defects using an adaptive defect pad. It can be integrated with camera systems and other Level 2 systems.


Touch-screen panel application that integrates all tasks related to inspection facilities in one place.

This application allows product inspectors to indicate on a touch screen panel the size, location, and severity of the detected defects on a product; it also allows printing barcodes, managing the entry-line schedule and communicating with the ERP.

Visual inspectors require a very fast and intuitive interface to report measurements and defects in order to maximize the time spent inspecting the product. 


  • Designed for touch panel, keyboard and mouse operation
  • Store and forward communications protects transactions from network/server glitch
  • Reads footage from OPC server
  • Reads schedule from ERP or Level 2 systems
  • Updates defect and other catalogs in background
  • Displays real-time defect map along with length-based curves
  • Prints barcode labels
  • Sends results to upstream systems (ERP)


  • Multi-threaded Window Application for fast UI
  • Flexible configuration through XML file
  • Local XML Datastore for offline operation
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service
  • Active Directory or Custom Authentication
  • MS SQL Server database
  • HTML5/AJAX Web Application (used as backup/supervision data entry)

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