Industrial Radar solution to detect and measure steel slabs and plates

The sensors detect and measure the slabs and plates as they move on the rolling tables, performing a dimensional analysis and sending the results to PLCs or Level 2 systems.

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Set of radar sensors that detect and measure the dimensions of steel slabs and plates

Based on novel radar technology which is not affected by dust, fumes or steam, the 70Ghz radars are able to provide measurements with an accuracy to within millimeters while the plates or slabs are on the rolling tables. Radars do not have moving parts or glass surfaces so they are more robust and require less cleaning and maintenance than optical solutions. The dimensions (width, lenght and trapezoid shape), speed and presence information can be transmitted to PLCs or Level 2 systems





  • Measurement not affected by dust, fumes, steam
  • Maintenance-free instruments: no glass, no moving parts
  • Not affected by high temperature
  • Measures presence, shape, width, skew, length, speed, length
  • Minimum sampling frequency: 25 samples per second


  • Industrial radars from maker indurad GmbH
  • 2 x iLDR distance radars + 1 x iDDR Doppler radar
  • Slab/Plate tracking logic and storage
  • Web-based access for data and configuration
  • PLC Integration options
  • Heavy-duty radar enclosures

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