Steel Level Sensor

Industrial Radar solution to measure the level of liquid steel in tundishes and other vessels

Our radar solution penetrates ambient dust and fumes as if they didn’t exist to determine hot heel, ladle free board and tundish level with great precision and minimum maintenance.

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Radar Steel Level Measurement

Radar-based system for measuring liquid surfaces in challenging environments

Based on robust radar technology , this system allows the precise measurement of molten steel or slag levels to evaluate EAF hot heel, tundish and mold steel level. Unlike other methods, such as lasers and cameras, radar measurements are not affected by dust, fumes and steam and can provide accuracy to within millimeters even from up to 400 meters away. Radars do not have moving parts or glass surfaces so they require little maintenance. The system is able to read at least 40 measurements per second, and they can be transmitted to PLCs or Level 2 systems over a variety of protocols.

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  • Measurement not affected by dust, fumes, steam
  • Maintenance-free instruments: no glass, no moving parts
  • No radioactive sources
  • Not affected by high temperature
  • Measures direct distance from sensor to liquid or solid
  • Minimum sampling frequency: 40 samples per second


  • 70 Ghz industrial radars
  • Web-based access for data and configuration
  • PLC Integration options
  • Heavy-duty radar enclosures

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